Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw is the Founder/President of The SCOPEVision Group and The Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network, a consortium of resource people, places and things dedicated to the "3M Project Global Initiative" by merging Ministries, Marketplace and Municipalities in partnership for optimum results. He is also a founding member and President of Kingdom Congressional Int'l Alliance (KCIA).


He founded The Blue Diamond Resource Group, a consortium of Kingdom Level leaders in their respective fields of occupation and service to the church, community, corporate world and the human race at large.


He is a member of the faith based community, in service to God for over 42 years, serving in a wide range of positions throughout his career. He holds a degree in Applied Fire Science & Technology, Doctorate Degrees in Theology, Divinity and a Ph.D. in Ministry. Dr. Bradshaw has taught and developed prophetic training programs and has mentored prophets and prophetic people for over 40 years, making him a trusted voice in prophetic circles in the United States and abroad.


He has served in the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserve for over 17 years and was a 30 year plus member of the Fire Service, having served as a rank and file firefighter, engineer, emergency medical technician (Advanced Life Support Unit), company officer and as a Chief Officer of the Training Division, Hazardous Materials Division, CEO and Fire Commissioner. Along with the Applied Fire Science & Technology Degree, he holds numerous certifications in emergency services, incident command, hazardous materials operations, public safety and management and serves as a consultant for emergency services operations.


He is a recipient of the 2015 iChange Nations and Golden Rule International - Leadership Award and Ambassador appointments and the 2015 Girga Wolde - Giorgis Human Conservation Solutionist Award. He is the Advisor of Ministry Affairs to the Ambassador at Large to the Republic of Burundi, Africa - Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers.


He is a published author of widely acclaimed books and training manuals on Governance, Succession and faith based support in the business/governmental arena. His newest, highly acclaimed book is:I See Thrones - Igniting and Increasing Your Influence in the Seven Mountains of Culture. He is the President of The Misrah Academy - Governmental Empowerment Center, Senior Scholar of Spiritual Formation and Leadership for Hope Bible Institute & Seminary and Hope Schools of Ministry Consortium. Dr. Bradshaw also serves as Vice-President of KCIA (Kingdom Congressional International Alliance). He resides in a suburb of Chicago with his wife and family. His assignment is to..."Empower the Captains of Industry, Build Communities for the Kingdom of God and Develop Strategies and Tactics for Global Enhancement." For more info on Dr. Bradshaw click on the info link below.


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Dr. Bruce Cook is Vice President of Marketplace Operations for The SCOPEVision Group. He is the Chairman-CEO of KCIA (Kingdom Congressional International Alliance) and is President of Kingdom House Publishing, the author of many widely acclaimed books on the Prophetic and Apostolic Ministries, the Convener of the Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit, President of Ventur Advisors Inc., Co-Founder and General Partner of Kingdom Venture Partners, L.P., (KVP) He serves in leadership at Glory House Christian Center and is Director of Worklife, and The Coming King Foundation. Dr. Cook has significant experience in business consulting, fundraising, private equity investments, business development, marketing, corporate communications, research and higher education and is considered a leading authority on private equity fundraising and philanthropy. Dr. Cook resides in Lakebay, WA. For more inormation on Dr. Cook click on the info link below.


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Dr. Curtis Gillespie is Vice President for Training/Development in The SCOPEVision Group. He plays a key role in providing consistent and relevant information to team members to enhance the operational readiness of the group. His prophetic acumen and accuracy make him widely sought out for counsel and as a voice of direction to many. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management and Administration with a minor in Marketing, and a D.D. degree. He is also a Lieutenant with the State of Indiana Dept. of Corrections where he serves as a supervisor with extensive training in safety, security and personel management. He is the Dean of Instruction for the Misrah Academy - Governmental Empowerment Center in the GEMS Network and resides in Michigan City, IN with his wife and family. 

Dr. Sylvester Brinson III is the Director of Biblical Protocol for the SCOPEVision Group. In all that we do, we strive to maintain honorable conduct, business ethics, reliability and responsibility. We stand on the Bible as the Word of God and the source from which we derive our standard of activity. To help us maintain such standards, Dr. Brinson brings a vast spectrum of experience with over 51 years in ministry, marketplace and municipal experience. He is the Founder of The Brinson Institute, Hope Outreach Ministries Int'l., Hope Bible College and Seminary and a myriad of other great institutions. Considered as a "master theologian," Dr. Brinson consistently helps to advance the kingdom of God. He resides in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. For more information on Dr. Brinson click on the info link below.


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