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_____________Our Trusted Partners____________

The SCOPEVision Group has teamed up with select business partners in various industries to provide you with the best possible services.


____Consulting Alliances and Professional____                               Memberships

The SCOPEVision Group has joined forces with several exclusive consulting partners to expand our expertise and be able to handle a wide range of global issues.


Our consulting partners include:

  • Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network (GEMS)
  • Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (KEYS Network)
  • KCIA (Kingdom Congressional Int'l Alliance)
  • Southland Economic Development Center
  • The African American Tribune
  • New Dimension Websites
  • Care Investment Community Development
  • Southland Ministerial Health Network
  • Hope Bible Institute & Seminary
  • Hope Schools of Ministry Consortium
  • Kingdom House Publishing Company
  • "Omega proVision" Consulting
  • Gault & Associates
  • The Blue Diamond Resource Group
  • Agile Labs/Business Services
  • Slogan Solutions
  • A.C.T. (The Allendale County Transformers)



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