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Dr. Bill Manduca has an engineering degree from the Maine Maritime Academy, an MBA from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. He is also a retired U.S. Naval Reserve officer, aerospace and defense contractor and business owner. He has a passion to serve others and help them think in new ways to gain clarity, life/work balance, and growth. Through his company, The Vantage Point Group, Bill is known as an expert in helping his clients achieve results beyond what they could have imagined. After working with Bill, many clients feel inspired, energized and challenged to dig deeper to achieve the success that has eluded them in the past. He gets them to look at their organizations in a new way by focusing on their strategy, structure, processes and people. He is also an extremely accurate prophetic voice to his clients and associates. He resides in the state of Mississippi.

Belinda Taylor has been a member of the Kingdom of God for many years, and has vast experience in the spiritual and administrative functions of ministry. She has an extremely strong and accurate prophetic voice, serving as a "seer" and is currently a Pastor of Intercession in the GEMS Network, a teacher in the educational department and has vast administrative experience in the health care industry as an executive assistant in the University of Chicago Medical Center-Department of Medicine/Section of Cardiology. She also serves as Editor of The World Vision Health Consortium Newsletter. Pastor Taylor brings a seasoned and balanced perspective in counseling and consulting, making her an asset to The SCOPEVision Group. She resides in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

Alex McCaskill has been in the marketing and information technology industry for over 25 years and from in-house SEO and web marketing to professional consultations, Alex takes an out of the box approach when dealing with marketplace websites, search engines and web crawlers. His desire is to connect his clients with the people who are already "searching" for them but may not yet know it! He works to establish and increase the marketplace platform presence. He is Chief Systems Engineer with New Dimension Websites, a marketplace platform that expresses and reinforces the identity, purpose, and plans of one's existence in the marketplace. Alex is the IT Supervisor for The Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network and resides in the state of Florida.

Jeannette Williams has been a member of the group for over 10 years and has developed a tremendous ability as a scribe and editorial voice. Her grace and gifting is to convey the heart of God to ministry, marketplace and municipal leaders and members. Her present career field is in administration, giving her an understanding of the many problems faced by businesses and corporations. Her desire is to position herself to bring solutions to the problems that plague leaders and to set a course that reflects the will, plan and purposes of God. Employed in the corporate sector,her extreme accuracy as a corporate intercessor makes her valuable to the health of any industry. She is a resident of the Chicago, Illinois area.

Matthew is a friend and fellow servant who has transitioned from a life of striving to a place of resting in the security of identity and destiny.  He has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and relationship management in industries ranging from communications to financial services to performance improvement. Along the way, Matthew was led into an awakening of the "REST of the story." An uncommon process taught him to wait and listen for wisdom. He discovered that a key to our successful tomorrow is not found in improving "performance" but rather staying "present" today.  Now, under the banner of Omega ProVision, Matthew and his wife Lindsay come alongside leaders in all sectors of society to clarify identity, host vision and inspire global synergy.  In addition, as the Tactical Application Coordinator of the SCOPEvision team (G.E.M.S. Network), he facilitates a group of vested, gifted leaders that architect real-world, real-time solutions for the 3M Project (Marketplace-Municipalities-Ministries).  Matthew & Lindsay are based in Charlotte, NC along with their daughter Aidan and extended family.

Manessa K. Williams has the strategic vision to become one of the leading advisory voices today. Her astute ability to deliver a message with pin-point accuracy and with the presence of God has earned her a place among more senior members of the prophetic corps. Having learned the importance of intimacy with God through prayer, she has developed an ear to hear as only a person who has spent quality time with God can possess. Manessa gives diligence to the disciplines required to become accurate and delivers her word to the benefit of all who hear her. Employed in the corporate sector, she resides in Chicago, Illinois.

James Hatton, Director of Security for Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network (Chicago region) is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the United States Marine Corp. He is a strategist for natural and spiritual security and has the ability to plot proper courses of action for people faced with challenges but who desire to live a purposeful life. He is an instructor, experienced in teaching, training and mentoring persons from a diverse cultural and social background, age difference or educational level. He currently works in the Law Enforcement and Personal Defense Industry and in the television industry. He resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. James Brewton is Senior Pastor and Apostolic leaders of Community Empowerment Ministries, Inc., in Estill, South Carolina. He serves powerfully as the official "Goodwill Ambassador for GEMS Network." Apostle Brewton earned both his bachelor's and Master's degrees from Florida A&M University and was ordained a minister of the gospel in 1982. He has served as coordinator of Student Support Services, coordinator of financial aid, adjunct professor of history, geography and cultural awareness at Florida A&M Univeristy. He was also the radio voice of the university basketball sports programs. He serves on the board of directors for numerous community programs and served as Chaplain for the Allendale County Sheriff's Dept. His level of soundness and wisdom in counsel is highly sought after in ministry, marketplace and municipal circles. He has hosted numerous prophetic conferences throughout the southeast portion of the U.S. in pursuit of his passion to "Empower Communities Through Revelation Knowledge and the Word of God." He is also the author of the powerful new book... Backporch Meditations...Holy Spirit Revelations. Dr. Brewton is the Founder and President of A.C.T - The Allendale County Transformers of South Carolina. He is also an Apostolic Intercessor with KCIA (Kingdom Congressional International Alliance). He and his wife Margie reside in Allendale, South Carolina. For more info on Dr. Brewton, click the link below.


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John McClain serves as a strong prophetic voice to the marketplace, with an energetic focus on empowering kingdom entrepreneurs to be their very best at what they do. With a unique ministry centered in a commercial district, he leads worshippers at Judah Lionz Ministries, in an area just steps away from where they have built their businesses, bringing a strong "connective culture" to those who realize that their kingdom life and workplace identity coincide. He resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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